Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to stage my home?

You'd be surprised at just how cost effective our services are, especially when compared to the return. Every home-seller we've worked with has more than made up the cost of the staging through the sale of the home. Studies show that staged homes sell for at least 5% more than comparable non-staged homes. Since it only costs a fraction of that to stage your home, you definitely win! Our fees are based on the square footage of your home and vary depending on the services rendered.

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When should I stage my home?

Ideally a home should be staged before it is listed on the market. We all know the importance of making a good first impression. To achieve the greatest possible outcome, a home should always be presented at its best the first time around. It's best that all improvements be completed before your home is listed, as the first two to three weeks your home is on the market is usually the most critical time. Buyers can determine in a few seconds whether a home appeals to them or not. You want to make sure your home looks its very best from the start so that potential buyers can see your home's potential.

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Don't most real estate agents talk about home preparation?

Yes, most do, but they provide general guidelines and help you remove clutter, and provide tips on cleanliness. Usually there is much more that can be done so you stand out from the competition. Realtors do not generally have the time or expertise to go into greater detail or provide more analysis. Their focus is on marketing, selling, negotiating and maximizing your property exposure. We focus on market preparation: working hand in hand for your success.

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My home has been professionally decorated. Why do I need a home stager?

Decorating and staging are very different. When decorating you are personalizing your living space to enhance your day-to-day living. In staging, you are depersonalizing and neutralizing your space to appeal to a greater number of prospective buyers. You want these buyers to easily visualize their possessions in your house. You do not want them to spend time admiring your window treatment or how creative you have been in establishing a comfortable environment for yourself and your family. You especially do not want them looking at your "things". This takes time away from their seeing the "space". Have your home staged by one of our Accredited Staging Professionals and get that 'SOLD' sign up.

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I live in a hot housing market. Why should I stage my home?

Staging works in any market. If your market is currently a hot one, why not decide to stage your house and sell it for more money than you would if it were not staged? In a slower market, staging gives your home the competitive edge over other similar houses in the area. Also, agents will be more likely to show your listings, because they will know what to expect.

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Will you work with For Sale By Owners?

Yes, we love For Sale by Owners and will provide all of our services to them. We will also work with builders to stage model homes.

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Why should I spend money on a house I am planning to sell?

Buyers are often willing to pay a premium for homes they don't have to work on after they move in. They may simply not have the vision to see past areas that require repair or updating and unfortunately tend to over-estimate the cost of any changes. Buyers will also question why the homeowners didn't take care of the repairs themselves. The perception of a well maintained property can be a real asset to your home and increases the feeling of value. Real Estate Agents will tell you that the listings that sell the fastest and for the most money are generally the ones that are the best in appearance and condition. Homes that don't show well don't get shown.

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Do you have any tips for people trying to sell their homes?

  • Improve drive-up appeal by removing clutter, trim trees, and add fresh flowers and plants.
  • Ensure the outside of your house is clean and in good condition, e.g. remove cobwebs, power wash where necessary, clean windows.
  • Front Entry: Paint the door if peeling. Invest in a new welcome mat.
  • Edit and pack the majority of your collectibles and family photos. You want the focus to be on the house, not on your belongings.
  • Make functional repairs, e.g. fix dripping faucets and sticky doors.
  • Make cosmetic repairs, e.g. touch up paint, replace peeling wallpaper, caulk tubs, polish brass etc.
  • Turn on all lights, especially lamps. This is an important part of staging as it “sets the stage” for a light, open and bright environment.
  • Make sure the windows have been opened frequently to allow fresh air to circulate. Eliminate all odours.
  • Clear all unnecessary objects from furniture and store in boxes/bins neatly organized in basement or storage area.
  • Clear away unnecessary items from countertops (kitchen, bathroom, dressers).
  • Add new linens, accent pillows, towels, greenery and flowers.
  • Organize closets, garage, laundry and utility spaces.
  • Ensure your house is neat and tidy each day with everything in its place as a prospective buyer could decide to visit on short notice.
  • Kitchens, bathrooms and front entry are the main rooms that will appeal to a potential purchaser.

Please don't hesitate to contact us 905-338-6458 if you have any questions or would like additional information.